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Let’s explore our gift packaging, stationery, Point-of-Sale solutions, licence portfolio, SMARTWRAP™, trend forecasting and capabilities

Being a market leader means setting new standards in caring for the people and the planet

We are constantly innovating to create better, smarter, more sustainable ways forward. One example is SMARTWRAP™, our plastic-free gift wrap solution.

  • GP Kerst 3

    Gift packaging

    Anything from gift wrap, bags, bows, ribbons and pouches. We offer a complete solution in a huge variety of patterns, trends and licences.

  • Gift Packaging wand

    Point-of-Sale solutions

    Engage customers with promotional assortment displays; coordinated, customised product ranges and inviting displays for every season.

  • smartwrap-enhanced (2)


    In a growing digital market, find out how we create appealing, fashionable and sustainable stationery products for school, office or leisure.

  • Table ware SINT 1


    A relatively new product line, tableware is an interesting market for you to tap into. Our goal is to make your single use tableware more sustainable.

  • Princess creative

    Craft & Creative Play products

    We believe that children are the most innovative and imaginative thinkers. We’ve developed a range of DIY kits that not only foster creativity but also deliver a valuable learning experience.

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